Dialysis Treatment
made easy with eDialysis

eDialysis is a bridge among Dialysis Patients, Third Party Payers and Dialysis Centers in Malaysia.

Dialysis Treatment

What is eDialysis?

eDialysis is a system for Dialysis Patients to contact & interact with Dialysis Centers in Malaysia. We have partnered with major leading Dialysis Centers and users can make the process of registration, HD appointments & reschedule, check monthly bills, make online payment , request for transit, view treatment records etc at the comfort of your home.

eDialysis is integrated with DiMS (Dialysis Management System), which is a leading provider of Dialysis Management Software Solutions for Dialysis Centers in Malaysia. They are the market leader and have over 200+ Dialysis Centers using the DiMS system.


Features of eDialysis

eDialysis is a system made for Dialysis Patients in Malaysia. Below are some of the features of eDialysis System.

Third Party Payer & Panel

eDialysis is integreated directly with more than 1,000 Third Party Payers. Patients can directly apply & check the application status in realtime as well communicate vise versa


Dialysis Centers

The leading Dialysis Centers in Malaysia are already affiliated with eDialysis

All acute dialysis patients can now easily and safely interact with their dialysis centers at any time.
With a network of 200+ MSQH aggregated dialysis centers in Malaysia, you can now easily
and safely review your treatment record, billing and appointment anywhere in the world

Foresight Dialysis Sdn Bhd
Sinar Haemodialysis
Pusat Rawatan Dialisis Islah
Gedung Penawar Sdn Bhd

eDialysis Software Quality Accreditation

The primary goal of the eDialysis application is to maximise patient well being by providing a high quality treatment process in a safe environment. We dedicate ourselves to continuous quality improvement to help ensure that we will provide the highest quality process today and in the future.

eDialysis has implemented the structure and process to accomplish this goal. The eDialysis program is built around the principles contained in the MSQH (Malaysian Society For Quality Health), MOH (Ministry of Health) and NRR (National Renal Registry)

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Malaysian Society of Quality in Health
Malaysian Society of Nephrology